Economic crisis and plastic surgery

Does the economic crisis stop people from being vain and wanting to look younger with plastic surgery? On the other hand do scientists propose us any solutions that allow us to offer ourselves such small luxuries?

Has the International Monetary Fund and financial crisis hit the market of plastic surgery?
"I think that a problem affecting a whole country so much cannot but also affect every professional and industry. On the other hand, we do not see a similar decline in plastic surgeries as we notice in other industries, and this can be explained by the fact that in such economically hard times people seek ways to boost their psychology. One effective way with long lasting results is the improvement of our appearance. When we look ourselves in the mirror and we look beautiful, our mood and psychology are boosted! Talking from experience, as I also lived the first wave of the economic crisis back in 2008 in London (I had been working there from 2002 until recently), I noticed the same phenomenon. I had patients who had been fired but put their money aside-thanks to income from other sources-in order to improve their appearance and look beautiful when going on job interviews".

Given the economic crisis, is it possible for a woman to have low budget treatments? Whichare they?
“The low budget therapies include the injectables, mesotherapy for the face and the body, microdermabrasion, chemical peels or laser for the improvement of the skin texture. What we finally do depends on the patient’s problem. However, there are also low budget operations, for example if someone has extended skin laxity on the abdomen, the surgery solves the problem. You save money by doing only one procedure and by avoiding many sessions with one device and diets which may not offer the best solution".

Have you adapted to what happens today and if yes, in what way? Do patients ask for discounts?
"Everyone should adapt to the new socio-economic situation and this applies to the prices too. If patients with whom I have a good trustworthy relationship ask me for a discount and they really need it, I could do this for them".

Which surgical operation was mostly affected by economic crisis?
"I can’t decide which is this, but I don’t really think there was one specific operation which was affected. On the contrary, I see that people prefer a combination of treatments when they need it, because they get a great discount in the second and third procedure. As prices fall, patients have the opportunity-with the budget and the research necessary- to get the treatment they want".