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Kosmesis – Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

We welcome you to the beautiful world of Kosmesis!

With over 20 years of continuous training and implementation of the latest scientific advances in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the world-renowned plastic surgeons of Kosmesis can fulfill your desire to achieve Harmonic Beauty.

Since antiquity and Pythagoras, an exponent of the Beautiful and Harmonic in the Universe, up to the modern age, man has been in a perpetual search for Beauty.

Beauty for Aristotle, was considered to be the best constituent letter.

Cosmesis, i.e. the optimization of the external appearance of the human being, is achieved with the help of Plastic Surgery and especially of Aesthetics, as well as of its constantly evolving techniques.

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Kosmesis’ scientific associates, having performed countless operations in Greece and abroad with impressive results, having achieved international distinctions and participation in conferences and having introduced signature techniques, are the most appropriate ones to suggest the latest advances in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and give you the most distinct, harmonious and excellent result.

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Dr. Villy Rodopoulou

Plastic surgeon, MD, FEBOPRAS

Dr. Evangelos Keramidas

Plastic surgeon, MD, FEBOPRAS

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