Rejuvenate your eyes, neck, cheekbones, lips, hands with just 1 injection

1.The eyes
As time passes, the face loses its volume gradually and you start noticing signs of aging around the eyes. There are hollows on the upper and lower eyelids. This problem co-exists very often with black circles. We can treat all the above with hyaluronic acid injections in these areas or even with the new generation collagen.

The ideal candidates
What kind of change will I see in my look?

The area of the eyes is rejuvenated and the look becomes more youthful and restful.

What is the procedure?
We inject carefully and superficially small doses of hyaluronic acid or of the new generation collagen.

How long does it last?
A few minutes.

What should we be aware of after the procedure?
We should not exercise.

If the procedure is performed by an experienced doctor, nothing is visible.

Duration of the result
8-12 months.

2.The neck
What kind of procedures should we do for the neck?

The tightening can be achieved with anti-wrinkle and muscle relaxant injections alone or in combination with hyaruronic acid which fills the vertical lines. On the other hand, there is mesotherapy which offers hydration. When there is some localised fat-that is the double chin-we can treat that with phosphatidylcholine injections.

The ideal candidates
In the neck area there is the platysma muscle. When it contracts, it affects almost all the movements of the neck and the lower jaw. This gradually results in laxity of the neck area and the face contours. People often notice vertical bands as well as the double chin that can co-exist with skin laxity.

What will change?
We achieve the lift of sagging skin in the middle of the neck, a problem we notice even in young people. The procedure also improves the face contour targeting at an oval shape. The elimination of the double chin offers the ideal right angle of the neck profile.

What is the procedure?
We apply anti-wrinkle and muscle relaxant injections along the loose area of the platysma muscle in the neck and along the contour of the lower law (this method is called Nefertiti Lift, reminding us of Nefertiti, the queen of Egypt with an ideal neck).

How long does it last?
A few minutes.

What we should be careful about later?
You should not massage the area of where the anti-wrinkle and muscle relaxant injections were applied for 4 days.

They are very few and go away in a little time.

Duration of the result
The result of the anti-wrinkle and muscle relaxant injections lasts at least 6 months and phosphatidylcholine is almost permanent.

Side effects and drawbacks
There may be some difficulty to swallow, but this is rare. Phosphatidylcholine injections cause mild swelling in the area for a few days and a feeling of “unwellness” that goes away very fast.

3.The cheekbones
What do you suggest someone to do in order to improve her cheekbones?

Skin laxity affects the tissues above the cheekbones and this makes them seem droopy. As defined cheekbones are one of the most youthful characteristics, their reconstruction rejuvenates the face.

How does this happen?
By injecting dense hyaluronic acid in the deeper layers of the skin or near the bones.

How long does this last?
15'- 20'.

What should we be aware of afterwards?
Nothing in particular.

Maybe you have some bruising and mild swelling.

Duration of the result:
6- 12 months.

Side effects and drawbacks:
Overcorrection-use of unsuitable material.

4.The lips
What do you suggest we should do on the lips with an injection?
Hyaluronic acid and particularly its less dense formula is an ideal material, as well as the new generation collagen which is very malleable, safe and technologically advanced (the old generation drawbacks included short duration, allergic reaction, mixtures, etc).

The ideal candidates:
Those with loss of volume of the lips, asymmetry between the upper and lower lips, vertical lines leading to the lips (the smoker’s lines), marionette lines (they start from the corners of the mouth downwards).

What will change?
You will now get a more attractive shape and a better lips size. Your wrinkles around the mouth will be smoothed out rejuvenating a lot this important area of a woman’s face.

What is the process?
Injection of a special, less dense hyaluronic acid or a new generation collagen.

How long does it last?
½ hours (we use local anaesthetic cream or dental block).

What should we be aware of afterwards?
You should avoid spicy foods.

Oedema for 2 days on the lips and maybe some bruising.

How long will the result last?
6-12 months.

Side effects and drawbacks
Overcorrection –unsuitable material.

5.The hands
What kind of treatment would do suggest for the aging hands?
The loss of volume concerns our hands which seem skinny as we grow older. The injectables (hyaluronic acid) are the best solution.

The ideal candidates
Those who have skinny hands, whereas the bones and the veins are visible.

What is going to change?
The hands regain their volume and a better shape, which is much more attractive and youthful.

What is the process?
Injecting hyaluronic acid or fat under local anaesthesia.

How long does it last?
½ hours.

What should we be aware soon afterwards?
You should avoid any manual work for a few hours.


Oedema for 2-3 days and maybe bruising.

Duration of the result

8 – 12 months.

Complications and drawbacks:

Temporarary bumps.