IMCAS World Congress of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery- Paris 2014

Dr Keramidas presented two innovative techniques at the International IMCAS Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Congress held in Paris at the beginning of 2014.

The titles of the studies are:

1. «The dual plane tunnel technique for abdominoplasty is reducing pain to almost zero - a prospective study».

The study presents in every detail a new abdominoplasty technique. Its big advantage is that there is almost no pain at all after the surgical procedure. Moreover, there are no drains. The patient can return home the same day! What is more, certain patients can undergo the operation under local anaesthesia and sedation.

2. «Travelling hours following breast augmentation - how safe is it? A 10 years prospective study».

This innovative and first of its kind study started as a simple idea 10 years ago. In 2003, our assumption was that if we managed to have a surgical technique which is fast, atraumatic, minimally invasive for the tissues, almost painless and with a kind of anaesthesia which doesn’t cause vomiting and nausea after surgery, patients would no longer have to stay in the hospital. In fact they could travel back home-to their city or country- on that same day.
So, after 10 years of performing the Non touch - No pain technique in breast augmentation, the results were presented at IMCAS, Paris.

Among 1450 patients who had breast augmentation surgery, 282 travelled back to their city or their country on the same day by airplane, ship, car or train.
The patients went back to 15 different places in Europe and 20 cities in Greece. The longest flight was the one to Dubai and the shortest to Mykonos (Greece). Patients travelled some hours post surgery to London, Paris, Brussels, Manchester, Newcastle, Dubai, Alexandroupolis, Kavala, Rhodes, Crete and Mykonos safely.

This study is very important as it proves that tourism in the medical domain of plastic surgery is very safe in Greece.

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