Get rid of cellulite with liposculpture

Women with localized fat who resort to liposuction can now have smooth skin without the orange peel look, thanks to the CelluTite tip.

Until recently doctors gave a negative answer when asked if they can treat severe cellulite with surgery. But now liposuction can knockout cellulite. As plastic surgeon Dr Rodopoulou explains, CelluTite is the new cannula of the BodyTite device (RF liposuction), which allows the doctor to insert it safely close to the upper layers of the skin, just where cellulite is. On the contrary, the common cannula goes deeper, otherwise the plastic surgeon would risk causing dimples.

CelluTite has an inner forked cannula emitting radiofrequencies which liquefy the subcutaneous fat. The doctor uses this after he/she has completed the liposuction procedure with the common cannula and uses it close to the areas with cellulite: inner thighs, buttocks, arms and abdomen. According to Dr Rodopoulou, with this specific cannula even a severe problem is improved up to 80-90%. However, it is difficult to guarantee the elimination of cellulite.