International Aesthetic Surgery Congress of ISAPS in Athens, 1-3 November

The International Aesthetic Surgery Congress of ISAPS held in Athens, 1-3 November, was very successful. Dr Rodopoulou was a guest speaker and gave a speech entitled “Non Invasive Facial rejuvenation”.

The audience and the prominent scientists responded to her speech warmly making comments and asking questions. What is more, Dr Rodopoulou was awarded for her contribution to the conference.

In her speech she referred to the new innovative techniques that she performs, such as the Special Injectable Anti-Wrinkle Mesotherapy For Cheek Wrinkles Removal, Sfumato, the smart use of hyaluronic acid in fine wrinkles, autologous platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy (PRP) and the non invasive skin tightening technique with radiofrequencies Fractora Firm+Plus.