A woman’s circles of life and plastic surgery

If we categorise those circles according to a woman’s age we will make three groups: 18-30, 30-40 and 45-55.

Our teen years are not usually the ideal time to undergo aesthetic operations. The body is still developing and it is worth waiting until we turn 18. Of course this is not standard, as there are cases where we should intervene earlier, when a problem affects not only a girl’s appearance but also her psychology. In these cases a doctor should have the agreement and approval of the family and a psychologist’s opinion. So, what kind of procedures are the ideal at that age? Breast reduction, liposuction, ear surgery. After a girl turns 18 years old, breast augmentation, liposuction and rhinoplasty are also very common operations.

In our 30s and 40s the first signs of aging and skin laxity are visible, women have usually become mothers and the picture is different. At these ages women ask for breast lift combined or not with abdominoplasty, liposuction (the operations that are included in what we call “Mommy Makeover"), injectables such as the anti-wrinkle and muscle relaxant injections and hyaluronic acid with laser resurfacing and any other treatments resulting in facial and body rejuvenation.

After 45 there is gradual skin laxity on the face and body and there is increased need for blepharoplasty-the so called mini facelift with neck lift- as well as for lifting and tightening procedures on the body.

In general, there is not a specific age for these operations, as the needs are customized and every woman is different. The indications are determined by specific scientific criteria in every case and by the woman’s desires and needs. Our genetic material plays a great role, as well as our lifestyle and the things that have influenced our life.